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Surfaces : What kind do you need?

Bonded Rubber Mulch: Springy, child-safe surfaces, playgrounds, MUGA, tracks 

BRM is a safe, continuous, seamless rubber surface which is hard wearing and can be laid over almost any type of existing ground without the need for foundations, and coupled with the natural looking aesthetics and colour options it is uniquely positioned to work in all year round in a huge variety of applications.

Made with recycling solid rubber that otherwise would go to landfill; consistent control of this process provides us with a carefully blended shred, which is coloured and gives a natural looking surface, soft and flexible, long lasting and safe. 

The end product is a porous, fall height friendly surface, ideal for play grounds. Gallery



BondPave: Hard wearing for footpaths,Equestrian paths, Buggy runs

BondPave binders are used with suitable mineral mixtures to install stable, water and air permeable floor surfaces. This “stone carpet” can be built inside and outside for a wide variety of applications: pavements, parking spaces, in garden design, on terraces and balconies but also for table tops or other design objects.

The stone carpets can be made in such a way that rainwater can be absorbed by the surface of a receptive surface and seep away. The surfaces are not sealed. It is a hard wearing surface for multiple applications.

Artificial Grass surface: No More Mowing, Easy Up-keep
If you need it to look like Grass but don't want to be constantly mowing and weeding, our hard wearing combinations can provide you with a great solution.


Hybrid surface: Combination surfaces, adjusted to your requirements
We can tailor make a surface to give you the most affordable option, tailor-made any project and install surface.

What is It?

IMG_3412 1.jpg

Bonded Rubber Mulch - What is it?

A Springy, eco-friendly rubber bonded mat which looks like bark but is long lasting and provides Fall Height Protection. It protects kids while they play, its porous and works with the natural environment.

Its more affordable than most fall height consideration surfaces


What is BondPave

A hard-wearing mix of rubber chip and stone, It is the rubber pavement everyone is talking about !!

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