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Inspections: Safety and Maintenance

We Care.

Anywhere Children play, safety is a concern. We have an in-house inspection team offering RPII (Registar of Play Inspectors International) certified, annual equipment checks and reporting, to current EU standards (BS EN1176).

While checks are not required annually by law, they give weight to your commitment to safety and will go a long way in ensuring you protect children, playing in these areas, from harm. 

We can Inspect any area where children can play (outside the home). This may include:

Playgrounds, Skate Parks, MUGAs (Multi-use Games Areas), Playing Fields, BMX Tracks, Teenage Facilities, Parkours, Water Features and Parks & Open Spaces. 

We Advise.

We are deeply committed to offering not only the best possible surface for your project but also a safe and affordable one with sensible maintenance options. While we adhere to a strict code on safety and work ethic, there are others in the industry who sell inferior quality products and don't adequately warrant their products against defect. This can cause wear, colour issues, safety concerns on fall height considerations, and leave you in a precarious position.

We can inspect, advise and help you with any manufacturer warranty claim or concern you may have. We have decades of experience and will work with you to ensure you get a solution.


We Maintain.

As well as our excellent installation track record, we can offer you a maintenance programme to give you piece of mind. Annually, Bi-annually ? You decide.

If your play area needs rejuvenating - we offer affordable, easy to implement solutions to ensure the longevity of the safety surface. 

Analysing the Numbers

Who are RPII?

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for examining, accrediting and certificating inflatable, indoor and outdoor play inspectors.

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Advice on Playgrounds

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